Sex Cam Site Lingo You Need to Know About (Top 10!)

Despite webcams only becoming a thing in the 1990s, the birth of sex cam sites and the subsequent surge in popularity has led to an entirely unique language springing up around them. For many people new to the wild and rewarding world of live cam sex, it can sometimes be overwhelming.

From navigating live sex cams properly to knowing exactly what you’re going to get from a particular cam girl in a private show, learning this cam site lingo is crucial for a number of reasons.

I’ve been hanging out in the debauchery of live sex cam rooms for years, and I’ve been able to master this filthy lingo that runs like a river of squirt through the industry. Today, I want to reveal ten of my favourites that will be most useful to a first-time visitor to a sex cam site.

So join me and prepare to learn the slutty alphabet of cam site lingo from ATM to voyeur and everything in between!

ATM Stands for Ass-to-Mouth

ATM is a term in the cam sex and porn industries to describe the act of a dick being pulled directly from someone’s freshly-fucked ass and being stuffed into their mouth for them to suck clean.

If you’ve never seen ass-to-mouth before, it’s hardcore, nasty, and taboo! But so many people adore it, and it’s a popular sex act on many adult cam sites worldwide.


No, not the shitty news channel in the UK! BBC in the world of cam sex stands for big black cock. If you’re a fan of watching white chicks get dicked down by enormous black dicks, then this is a category you’ll definitely want to check out!


Not all guys like their women to look like gym-toned supermodels. Some love their cam girls with a little more curves. BBW stands for big beautiful women and is the three magic letters on a cam site that will lead you to horny, plump women with giant tits who love getting attention from guys.


Watching a girl masturbate into a sexual frenzy in her bedroom is fun. Still, it’s hard to beat the voyeuristic pleasure of watching a horny couple fuck each other’s brains out for hours on end and being given a chance to actually control the action on screen like you’re directing a porn film. B/G stands for boy girl and describes those performing in live couple cams.


One of the coolest things about sex cam sites is that they allow you to go C2C or cam-to-cam with a model. This means the model opens a two-way window with you, so you can see her performing all sorts of filthy fun, and she can see you jerking off to her on her screen.

This form of cam sex is often used in various kinks such as Femdom and Findom so that the dominant cam girl can see her slaves in all of their glory. What, what the fuck is Findom? I hear you ask. Let me explain.


Whilst you’ve likely heard of Femdom, the kink of Findom is a relatively new player in the cam girl scene and pretty controversial. This term means financial domination and involves cam girls taking money from willing subs. It’s an important term to know because you don’t want to walk into this pricey fetish blindly!


The porn industry has well and truly taught us what a MILF (mother I’d like to fuck) is, but some guys see the sky as the limit when it comes to an older woman’s age. Introducing the GILF (grandmother I’d like to fuck). These four letters are used to describe the older 50+ cam girls performing various live sex cams online.

These girls might be old, but they have a lot of sexual experience stuffed in their fishnet stockings and virtual sex with a horny mature GILF is definitely something you should experience on sex cam sites.


JOI stands for jerk of instructions. When you enter a private cam session with a JOI model, you’ll be ordered to follow the girl’s orders as she commands your strokes and speed.

You can also expect her to do other wild things, like ordering you to spit on your own dick to stay lubed up or cum on command. It’s one of the most erotic virtual sex experiences one can experience on a sex cam website.


Some guys love pussy, but others adore seeing a busty woman with a little extra between her legs. Yep, I’m talking about transgender girls! On most cam sites, shemales and transsexuals are put in the TG category.

From dominant shemales who love giving guys the dicking down of a lifetime to sissy sluts who have transformed themselves into a cock sock for men, there’s a huge spectrum of content spread across the TG category of live cam sites. It’s a good piece of cam site vocabulary to learn if you’re looking for sexy transgender sluts!

Yellow Video

And last but not least is yellow video. This term describes cam girls who prefer to ditch the conventional toilet and piss all over their cam studio instead. If you love seeing the sweet golden fluid pour out of a sexy cam girl’s pussy, you’ll love the yellow video category on various cam sites.

Now it’s Time to Use Your Lingo!

From anal to yellow video, this guide has summed up ten of the most popular pieces of sex cam site lingo you’re most likely to come across in the first steps of your rewarding journey into virtual sex experiences.

As with any language, the key to improving and maintaining it is to keep practising and using it. Now you have the foundations of cam site vocabulary under your belt, it’s time to put it to good use and get stuck into these ten terms, and start learning many others on a leading cam site like PDCams.