Christa Theret Nude Scenes From “Gaspard at the Wedding”

Christa Theret nude

The video below features French actress Christa Theret’s nude scenes from the film “Gaspard at the Wedding” enhanced in high definition.

Only the degenerate French could dream up nude scenes this depraved… For not only does Christa defile this man’s bath water with her sinful female sex organs, but she shows extreme insolence by shaving off her erotic body hair right in front of him.

Of course the holy Qur’an clearly states that women should only bath when absolutely necessary (i.e. when the flies just become too much to bear), and that they should do so outside, downstream, and in a full bathing burka… Also a woman’s dark musty body hair is a halal feature, and one should covet a pelt covering up as much of a female’s blasphemous flesh as possible.

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