Olivia Dunne Fully Nude Selfies Are Peak Performance

Olivia Dunne nude

Gymnast, model, and social media star Olivia Dunne appears to demonstrate the absolute peak of female athletic performance in the recently released fully nude selfie photos above and below.

Olivia Dunne nude

While the infidel West is engaged in contentious debate over trannies taking over women’s sports, us pious Muslims welcome the development. For nearly all women’s sports are an abomination, with the notable exception of gymnastics, which Olivia Dunne demonstrates in the these nude pics and with her remarkably tight round ass in the video clip below.

Yes, it is a glorious thing that soon the butch lesbodyke female athletes will be getting knocked down, and have big hairy balls slapped across their face by their biologically superior tranny competitors…

Olivia Dunne ass

For the holy Qur’an is very clear that the only physical pursuits women should be engaging in are birthing future jihadist babies, pulling the plow, scrubbing the floors, and gymnastics… Which just so happen to all be sports that women are uniquely suited for, thus proving once again the intelligent design behind all of Allah’s creation.

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