Salome Zimmerlin Nude Scenes From “La Fille d’Herode”

Salome Zimmerlin nude

The video below features French actress and model Salome Zimmerlin’s nude scenes from the short film “La Fille d’Herode” (which loosely translate to “The Whore in the Stupid Hat”).

It comes as no surprise to see such a blasphemously brazen display come out of the backwards and barbaric land of France, for the heathen natives there still foolishly believe a naked woman’s body has some sort of aesthetic value…

Of course as civilized people us pious Muslims know that there is nothing attractive about a woman like Salome’s unsightly sex organs… At least in the great Satan US of A they have learned to value women with enormous hindquarters who are well suited for fieldwork… Although not surprisingly, the American kuffars lust after them for completely degenerate reasons.

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